The Producer

Cellar Live was founded in 2001 by musician/producer/jazz club owner Cory Weeds. When Weeds purchased The Cellar Restaurant and Jazz Club in August, 2000 he immediately started assembling some recording gear to preserve the incredible music that was being performed on stage every night.


In July of 2001, Weeds had accumulated literally dozens of tapes of spectacular performances and he began listening to them and selecting the best material for a compilation CD. It was at this time that Brian Watson from Maximum Jazz came into the picture and offered Weeds a production and distribution deal for the record. In September 2001, Maximum Jazz presents: Live At The Cellar was released to critical acclaim. This was the beginning of Weeds’ producing career and 7 years later the label now has almost 40 records to its credit.

What started out as a label dedicated to producing records by local artists recorded live at The Cellar has grown in to a label that releases studio records, live records recorded in other venues across the continent and even an imprint called Cellar Live Futures dedicated to nurturing and exposing young talent.tn_joined_at_the_hip.jpg Nowhere dvd

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Planet of the Apes movies

Cellar Live’s latest release: PJ PERRY/CAM RYGA “Joined At The Hip” is  particularily special for Weeds as he produced this record from start to finish including engineering the nights, picking the takes and overseeing the mixing and mastering.

“In my 35 years of playing professionally in the Vancouver music scene, I would consider Cory to be the most successful and important promoter and producer of Canadian Jazz in the Vancouver area.” – Oliver Gannon

The Hills Have Eyes film


“The hardest working man in the jazz-business!” – Kate Hammett-Vaughan


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