Conflict Of Interest?

I have been fielding some questions lately about my decision to start reviewing CDs on my blog.  First off let me say that I do not think its a conflict of interest. It’s not like I’m only reviewing Cellar Live CDs or only reviewing CDs of artists that are playing at the club.  I also made a rule with myself that I’m only going to review CDs I like. Now that can be  slippery slope to.  For example if I don’t review someone’s CD does it mean that I don’t like it?  No, of course not. Its not like I’m going to be reviewing CDs every day or every week for that matter. Its more about timing…for example if I hear something that really moves me and I feel like logging in and writing about it.  I like pretty much every record that I get, especially from Vancouver artists but I of course don’t have time to wax poetic about all of them. In the case of Jillian Lebeck’s review, I loved her first CD and had been hearing about the progress of her new CD and couldn’t wait to hear it. I was really really impressed with it and decided to write about it.

I suppose anytime you decide to make your opinions public it is a little bit dangerous but I’m hoping that it can only be looked on as a positive thing. Who know, maybe no one really cares what I have to say which is totally cool.


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