A Train – August 31st

 The ARTIST is listed first followed by the name of the ALBUM, then the SONG name and the RECORD LABEL

Ian McDougall – No Passoport Required, Ian Leaps Out, Independant

Ian McDougall – No Passport Required, Greeting From McSlide To McValve, Independant

Dean McNeill – Prarie Fire, Just Squeeze Me, Cellar Live

Dean McNeill – Prarie Fire, For Sonny, Cellar Live

Sonny Clark – Leapin & Lopin, Melody For C, Blue Note

Sonny Clark – Leapin & Lopin, Deep In A Dream, Blue Note 

Bill Charlap – Rocker, Live @ The Village Vanguard, Blue Note 

Bill Charlap – Its Only A Paper Moon,  Live @ The Village Vanguard, Blue Note

PJ Perry – Joined At The Hip, Ah-Leu-Cha, Cellar Live

PJ Perry – Joined At The Hip, Maybe Yes Maybe No, Cellar Live

Don Patterson – Mellow Soul, Darben The Redd Fox, Prestige

Don Patterson – Mellow Soul, Head, Prestige

William Carn – Other Stories, Ghosts ll, Independant

Jane Fair – Chances Are,  Lazy Afternoon,  Cellar Live

Bob Murphy – Downtown East Side Picnic, Just Because You Can, Artist Jazz Recordings

Mark Sherman – Wapango, Mark Sherman, City Hall Records 

Jimmy Greene – True Life Stories, Song For Isiah, Criss Cross Jazz 

Harold Mabern – Straight Street, Afterthoughts, DIW

Phil Woods – Live From The Showboat, A Sleepin Bee, ???? (Reissued on BMG Japan)

Dave Douglas – Live at The Jazz Standard, Meaning & Mystery, Greenleaf Music 


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