Silver Platters A Real Pleasure!

I have to admit I’m having a bit of trouble with the fact that I’m promoting a U.S. record store on my blog when I really should be promoting the local stores but my experience with Silver Platters has been so good I thought I would share it anyways.  I get to go to Seattle a lot because I’m always picking up performers at the airport there.  I would always make sure that I left early so I could spend a good couple hours at Tower Records.  It was (before the demise of the whole chain) a fantastic store that not only had awesome prices but the best selection that I had ever seen.  I was dis-heartened on a number of levels when Tower closed down because I really There used to be a great Tower Records in Seattle at 701 5th Ave. N.  With the obvious demise of the whole chain I just assumed that once it closed that would be it.  I was very excited to find out that another store has taken its place called SILVER PLATTERS.

Its basically the same store with a different name.  Awesome prices and maybe even a better selection than Tower had as far as jazz.  The great thing about this store is that they have a used section that is actually really good.  I had a great conversation with the manager Herb.  I sort of expected that  he may be another one of the bittered workers in an industry that is dying a slow death.  It was the exact opposite.

silverplattersseattle.jpg download how to rob a bank free

The Frisco Kid movies

Seed of Chucky move

He was great and talked about how the used CD business is really helping the store.  It was just really cool to have a conversation with someone in the CD business that wasn’t totally negative and bitter. I picked up some awesome stuff:

Chris Potter Tentet – Song For Anyone

Chris Potter’s Underground – Follow The Red Line, Live @ The Village Vanguard

Eric Alexander – Temple Of The Olympic Zeus

Jimmy Cobb – Cobb’s Mob

Richard Groove Holmes – On Basie’s Bandstand

Zoot Sims – Zoot Sims Meets Jimmy Rowles

Kenny Burrell – 75th Birthday Bash

Teddy Edwards & Howard McGhee – Together Again


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