Cory Weeds feat. Berns, Farns and Dons

Well, its official! I get the opportunity to record with my ‘dream’ band. On January 11th to 13th I’m playing at The Cellar with guitarist Peter Bernstein, organist Mike Ledonne and drummer Joe Farnsworth

. The three nights will be recorded for what will be my first jazz CD as a leader. I have always had the idea in the back of my head but it was the prodding of Mike Ledonne that has pushed me to do it!


I had the great pleasure of sitting in with Lou Donaldson last January and Mike Ledonne was in the band. We were talking after the show and I expressed my desire to record with my ‘dream’ band and Mike was open to the idea! He was very encouraging which was very cool. I have had the opportunity to play wit Peter B. a few times with Dr. Lonnie Smith but have never actually played with Joe Farnsworth. I am really nervous but also really excited. Guitarist Bill Coon will be producing the sessions and I’m really excited about how the repertoire is shaping up. I managed to actually write some music for the dates which is very cool. Its gonna be a lot of fun and although I’ll be losing sleep right up until the dates, I’m hoping that playing those heavy cats will elevate me to new levels!


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