Very Tasty Drumming

Im reluctant to post this only because there have been so many great drummers to play here at The Cellar but for some reason Mr. Joe Labarbera’s drumming touches me in a way that I can’t explain. I wax poetic of Joe with no disrespect for any of the other fine drummers to play here at The Cellar.  Joe was here with BOB MURPHY organ, PAT COLEMAN guitar and PHIL DWYER tenor saxophone this weekend. Actually as I type this the guys are playing a matinee which I’m happy to report has been recevied very well but the jazz public. About 35 people which is great for a sunny Saturday.


The first thing that strikes you about Joe before he even starts to play is his personality. He is a very very nice guy, super laid back and very friendly.  When he gets behind the drum kit he is a machine. Sooo creative, very dynamic and most of all swings his ass off.  Now, I can say that about many of the drummers that have played here but there is something in Joe’s playing that excites me so much.  I realize that I’m not being very articulate about exactly what it is that I like but I think you catch my drift!  All the guys played wicked including some very very spirited blowing my king arthur divx

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