Ahhhh, a big sigh of relief but also some disappointment.  Relief because I made the mistake (or apparently not) of booking a rather large event on Rememberance Day long weekend but it was a masssive success, hence the sigh of relief.  Disappointment because it seemed to come and go sooooo fast. Kudos first to Bill Coon who put in so much time writing, arranging, copying, rehearsing etc. and to the other musicians in the band who played the music so unbelievably well. It really was an incredible two nights of much and the crowds (sold out both nights) were 2 of the best we have had in recent memory. You could hear a pin drop for most of the evening.  The music demanded everyone’s full attention.  The highlight for me was Bill’s absolutely georgous Sunday Morning.  We recorded the evening for what will hopefully become a Canada Council Grant to actually record a record and I have to admit I have been listening to this track over and over again.  It is an absolutely wonderful piece of music.


Frontline: Dreams of Obama full

Congratulations to Bill and I can’t express my gratitude enough to the people that came to the club and supported this event. Thanks!

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