It was with great hesitation that I proceeded with the booking of the Jesse Harris show for various different reason none of which had anything to do with how I felt about his music.  It was a bit of a booking mishap.  One day after the show, I can tell you that I’m so glad that he played the club. What an incredible songwriter and a fantastic performer not to mention a great guy.  I have to be honest that when I received the CD from his manager I didn’t have time to check it out. After I head the show last night I have had the CD on all day today. Its a little more involved  than his live show. He only tours with his percussionist Robert DiPietro.  He also had an opening act who was fabulous.  Priscilla Ahn, another singer/songwriter was wonderful.  A gorgeous 2073859721_5069d20d8f_m.jpgvoice and really pretty writing!  It’s too bad there weren’t more people at the club espcially considering the amount of press the show received.  My buddy Steve Mynett was there to capture the night as usual.

The November / December issue of Coda Magazine is out FINALLY and it features a well written article on The Cellar, Cellar Live and myself.  Ron Forbes-Roberts did a great job. There are a few factual things that are wrong but nothing that compromised the integrity of the article. It was very well done. As you’ll notice by the picture of the cover there is a feature on Jodi Proznick and Tilden Webb

as well which is very cool.  A big coup for Vancouver Jazz seeing as Coda has mainly concentrated its press to what happening in the Eastern part of the country. coda-cover.jpg kids download


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