Well, Im happy to say my weekend came and went without a hitch. Peter Bernstein (guitar), Mike Ledonne (organ) and Joe Farnsworth (drums) played their asses off and not only that, they were great to deal with. They could’ve just showed up, played what I told them to play, taken their money and head home. Instead they were really into what was going on, had all sorts of ideas and suggestions as to how things could be better or be different. It made it much more comfortable that they were so into things. Consumate professionals all the way. I have to say the Friday night was a bit tough as I was kind of in shock looking around seeing who I was actually on stage with so the first set was bit rough but as the night went on it got easier and easier. The tune selection was good and surprisingly my originals came off way better than I had hoped so thats always nice.

We’re hoping to get the record out in late April or early May so stay tuned!

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