NATIONAL JAZZ AWARDS – Start voting February 1st, 2008


There has been a lot of controversy over the last few years in regards to the way the National Jazz Awards handles certain aspects of it. I have had many a talk with Bill King about it and the lack of Western representation has been because of the lack of submissions from selected nominators. A few years ago I volunteered to be the representative for Western Canada and get the nomination ballots into the hands of people that would actually fill them out.  Last year it didn’t seem to make a huge difference but this year it seems to have really paid off. Kudos to Bill King and the staff for being open to suggestions and criticisms and for continuing to present jazz on the grand stage!

Although not officially announced I found out about the nominations in all the categories and the amount of Western name is impressive I will list all of the nominations at the end of this post but I first want to list the Cellar Live Nomination as its really exciting this year!


tn_foundations.jpgtn_presenting.jpgtn_joined_at_the_hip.jpg Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope buy



DRUMMER – Terry Clarke, Ted Warren, Barry Romberg, Archie Alleyne, Dylan Van der Schyff

BASSIST – Neil Swainson, Jodi Proznick, Brandi Disterheft, Mike Milligan, Dave Young

GUITARIST – Reg Schwager, David Occhipinti, Ted Quinlan, Lorne Lofsky, Jake Langley

KEYBOARDIST – David Braid, Robi Botos, Dave Restivo, Nancy Walker, David Virelles

TROMBONIST – William Carn, Hugh Fraser

, Russ Little, Allistair Kay, Terry Promane

TRUMPETER – Kevin Turcotte, Guido Basso, Brad Turner, John MacLeod, Lina Allemano

SAXOPHONIST – Mike Murley, Kelly Jefferson, P.J. Perry , Quinsin Nachoff, Phil Dwyer, Jim Brenan

CLARINETIST – Quinsin Nachoff, Phil Nimmons, Francois Houle, James Danderfer, Ross Woolridge
Bob De Angelis, Sasha Boychouk

VIOLINIST – Hugh Marsh, Jesse Zubot, Lenny Soloman, Ann Lindsay, Drew Jurecka

INSTRUMENTALIST – Brad Turner, The Stepford Wives rip Don Thompson, Ross Taggart, Reg Schwager, Phil Dwyer

FEMALE VOCALIST – Emile Claire- Barlow, Dionne Taylor, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Diana Panton, Holly Cole

MALE VOCALIST – Denzal Sinclaire, Joe Coughlin, George Evans, John LaBelle, John Alcorn

ARRANGER – Don Thompson, Phil Dwyer, John MacLeod, Hilario Duran, Rick Wilkins

SOCAN COMPOSER – David Braid, Don Thompson, Phil Dwyer, Hilario Duran, Phil Nimmons

BIG BAND – Hilario Duran’s Latin Jazz Big Band, NOJO, Dave McMurdo Jazz Orchestra,
Jim Galloway’s Wee Little Big Band, John MacLeod, Paul Read Orchestra, N.O.W. Orchestra,
Jill Townsend Big Band
, Barry Romberg’s RALE

ACOUSTIC BAND – Murley/Braid/Davidson Quartet, Davide Virelles Quartet, Jodi Proznick Quartet, David Braid/Matt Brubeck, David Occhipinti Quartet, Francois Bourassa Trio, Kollage, Greg Clayton Trio, P.J. Perry/Campbell Ryga Quartet

ELECTRIC BAND – Chris Tarry, Barry Romberg Random Access, Rinse the Algorithm, Four 80 East,
Nick Ali Electryc Trio

JAZZ LABEL – Alma, Effendi, Justin Time, Cellar Live, Cornerstone

JAZZ RECORDING of the YEAR – David Virelles  – Motion –   (Justin Time), Jodi Proznick Quartet  – Foundations – (Cellar Live), Night Crawlers – Presenting – (Cellar Live), Campbell Ryga /P.J. Perry –  Joined At The Hip – (Cellar Live), Don Thompson/ Reg Schwager –  One Take –  (Alma)

INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN – Dave Holland, Brad Mehldau, Maria Schneider, Wynton Marsalis,
Terence Blanchard

MUSICIAN ( Domestic) –  Don Thompson, Phil Dwyer, P.J. Perry, Hilario Duran, Reg Schwager
David Braid, Oscar Peterson

LATIN JAZZ ARTIST – Hilario Duran, David Virelles, Luis Mario Ochoa, Jane Bunnett, Roberto Occhipinti, Amanda Martinez

BROADCASTER – Larry Green, Katie Malloch, Heather Bambrick, Walter Venafro, Jeff Healey

JAZZ FESTIVAL – Festival du Jazz Montreal, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival, Vancouver,

Guelph, Ottawa

JOURNALIST – J.D. Considine, Ashante Infantry, Roger Levesque, Geoff Chapman, Mark Miller

PRODUCER – Peter Cardinali, Cory Weeds, Brad Turner Nothing Like the Holidays trailer , John Norris, Jim West, Barry Romberg

PAUL HOEFFLER JAZZ PHOTOGRAPHER – Don Vickery, Steve Mynett, Barry Thompson, Tracey Nolan, Mark Lazarski


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