Long Time No Blog

Haven’t been bloggin a whole lot the last while. For no other reason than things have just been really really busy. All great stuff but its not exactly leaving me lots of extra time to blog.  As I say there has been lots of exciting stuff going on. Alana and I are heading to Japan on Saturday for 10 days. Its going to be a lot of fun.  I have a bit of business to take care of over there and Alana has a close friend in Tokyo so we decided to make a holiday out of it.  Im hoping to further relations with our Japanese distributor.

Cellar Live is going nuts.  As I type this I am taping the third of three nights at The Cellar with vocalist Ron Small and his group.  It sounds really fantastic and am excited to get working on the release of it. The only problem is there are several releases before it that I gotta get out!

The next one is MELODY DIACHUN EQ.  Im particularily excited about this release not only because I play saxophone in the band but its a really unique addition to the Cellar Live catalogue.  Its a band that has been working towards this release for quite some time and its nice to finally have it come to fruition. The release is April 18th and 19th and that will be the first chance to get the CD. Following that release is my CD. Big Weeds is the title and it features Peter Bernstein on guitar, Mike Ledonne on organ and Joe Farnsworth on drums. It was done live a few months back and it was quite an experience; nerve racking, exciting, humbling but most of all it was a ton of fun and a huge rush to share the stage with those guys.  The release dates for the CD will soon be announced. Just waiting for some confirmations.  After that comes a record I’m super pumped up about and thats drummer JOEL HAYNES ‘ TRANSITIONS.   It was done in February and features his working trio of bassist Jodi Proznick and pianist Tilden Webb.  Special guest Seamus Blake was the special guest that joined the trio.  Magic was made and the record sounds absolutely killing!  Its the first time I really got to use my new STUDER mixer with its great sounding pre amps!  Im really happy with it as is Joel.  They group including Seamus is doing a jazz festival tour this year which includes a stop at The Cellar. Those dates will soon be announced.  Another release that we’ll be celebrating during the festival is that of THE MORGAN CHILDS QUINTET.  Recorded here in January, the young band of AMANDA TOSOFF on piano, CHRIS DAVIS on trumpet, EVAN ARNTZEN on tenor saxophone and SEAN CRONIN on bass showed why the future of jazz is very very safe and secure. What started out as sort of ‘tribute’ band has morphed into a compelling orginal ensemble routed heavily in the hard bop genre!

The club has been jumping!  Great music as usual and really consistently good crowds and there has been some wonderful variations musically. Whether its the Classical Tuesdays, the NOW SOUNDS on Mondays, Tall Poppy Presents or the Global Music Series, the music loving folks have responded by coming out in numbers which of course warms my heart!

Will post soon about a few books I’m reading and some great new CDs I have been checking out! Tekken: The Motion Picture video


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