Long time no blog!  Its been a bit of a whirlwind since 2008 started. Wow.  Cuba, Japan and now I find myself in the airport once again heading to Toronto.  Far less appealing than Cuba or Japan but Im excited nonetheless. Im heading t The National Jazz Awards to hopefully bring home some hardware.  Well, I don’t actually know if you get a trophy but the recognition will be nice if we / I do win.  Im heading out more to just be visible. Much of the CDN jazz media will be there etc. and it will be a good schmooze.  Im taking a saxophone lesson with KELLY JEFFERSON while I’m out there. I have wanted to do that for a long time. I will be getting a tour of JAZZ FM91 and will be going to watch the Jays vs the Athletics at Rogers Center.  It will be a jam packed 4 days. I get to visit my sister which is perhaps the best part of the trip.

Japan was absolutely amazing. Alana and I had such a good time . Its really fascinating to see how a city of 30 million + people operates so efficiently.  Tokyo is a really clean city and as I mentioned it moves around so quickly and so efficiently. I spend many hours and too many $$$ at the dozens of record stores. Its nice to go to Tower or HMV or Disk Union where the whole store is like 8 floors. Its very cool.  My column on the front page about THE CD IS NOT DEAD is definitely true in Japan.  It was awesome to walk into the stores and see a bunch of Cellar Live stuff on display to. Check out the photos below.  The first one was taken at Disk Union where I introduced myself to the staff and they quickly told me that the PJ – Joined At The Hip was one of their favorite CDS.

PJ Perry at Disk Union

I saw JUNO AWARD WINNING CHRIS TARRY – ALMOST CERTAINLY DREAMING, Fraser MacPherson – Live @ Puccini’s and Miles Black – Some Enchanted Evening displayed prominently in several other record stores which again was very COOL!

I had some great meeting with my distributor over there and he introduced me to many important people regarding jazz booking and promotion as well as jazz club owners etc. Suffice to say I think that Melody Diachun EQ and Bruno Hubert Trio will head back to Tokyo in March of 2009 for a tour which is very very excited.   Its in the initial planning stages but it looks to be on solid ground so I will keep you posted.

The average price to get into a jazz club (big or small) in Tokyo is a bout $30.00 and thats for a local Japanese band so we didn’t exactly frequent the jazz clubs while there.  We did lots o touristy type thing and saw lots of great sites etc.  If you have never been to Japan I would suggest going. It was a blast. Okay, my plane is boarding now.


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