Feels Good

What a week!  Im just recovering now!  I headed out to Toronto this past Monday with high hopes of at least coming home with something from The National Jazz Awards American Swing divx and come home with something I did. I’m so proud, thrilled, excited and elated about the fact that Cellar Live founded way back in 2001 finally won Label Of The Year

.  This is an award that if I am not mistaken has only ever been won by Justin Time Records so its quite an honor to be recognized in this fashion.  It was a good night all around for BC Artists including TRUMPETER and PRODUCER OF THE YEAR: BRAD TURNER, SAXOPHONIST OF THE YEAR: PHIL DWYER ( I accepted Phil’s award for him on his behalf and simply thanked Toronto for giving us back what was rightfully ours. No one laughed, it was very uncomfortable.), TROMBONIST OF THE YEAR: HUGH FRASER, JAZZ FESTIVAL OF THE YEAR: VANCOUVER JAZZ FESTIVAL and VIOLINIST OF THE YEAR: JESSE ZUBOT.s649677743_1105514_9284.jpg


The biggest winner of the night was clearly JODI PROZNICK who took home BASSIST OF THE YEAR, ACOUSTIC GROUP OF THE YEAR and ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Foudations on Cellar Live).  It was fantastic to see B.C. represented so well and to see that people in general got out there an voted.  There were over 5000 votes which is a record for the NJA’s but surely there are more than 5000 jazz fans out there.  There is a lot of criticism and skepticism that surronds these awards every year but the bottom line is that it gets people talking and regardless of the bad feelings that exist its a celebration of this great music.  When can you honestly say that on the same day, The Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Province, The Globe & Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star and many others a) all mentioned something about jazz on the same day and b) all mentioned names from the West Coast!!!  Very very coo!

While out in T.O. I also got to check out Jazz FM and had a great time meeting the staff, a bunch of the DJ’s and Mr. Ross Porter himself. They were very hospitable and I found myself a little giddy being in a jazz radio station. It was very very cool!

A fun week!!!! The Outsiders hd


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