Holloway / Frisell / Jazz Festival

Its very rare that an international musician who is playing at The Cellar comes in to town 4 days in advance of his gig. That’s exactly what saxophonist Red Holloway did. He arrived in town on Monday and we have had a great chance to hang out. The best was when Jesse Cahill brought him down to COOP Radio for “Wild Years” on Tuesday for an hour long interview. It was amazing. He talked about playing with Sonny Stitt, the Chitlins Circuit, George Benson calling him ‘old man’ and lots of other stuff. It was so much fun to hear him talk. You can check it out here.

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Below is a pic of Red in the studio with Jesse Cahill. Man that was fun!

I recently posted a thread on Vancouver Jazz regarding the release of Bill Frisell’s latest recording. I did it on behalf of my good friend Shawn Pierce who engineered and mixed the recording. I appreciate Frisell as a major talent in every respect but his music is not my cup of tea. I picked up ‘History, Mystery’ the other day more because I wanted to hear what Shawn did with it. It’s a double CD and I have just finished the first disc and have to say I enjoyed it immensely. Much more than I thought I would. I don’t know exactly how to describe it but its not what you would call straight ahead blowing jazz, thats for sure but I kind of new that going in. Its more like listening to a string quartet. Very orchestrated and the writing is absolutely gorgeous with everything from ambient sounding pieces to gospel tinged things. Extremely diverse yet very cohesive. The sound of the record is absolutely astonishing but why wouldn’t it be with Shawn Pierce at the helm. Check it out, its worth a listen.

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Jazz Festival has been absolutely huge here at the club this year. Every night has been pretty much sold out and it looks like the rest of the festival will be totally packed including Red Holloway and The Night Crawlers.


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