Big Weeds Review in Monday Magazine



Cory Weeds – Big Weeds (Cellar Live)

Big weeds? More like huge chops and a truckload of jump and swing. Vancouver’s Cory Weeds explodes out of the gate on this, his first offering as a quartet leader. While Weeds may be the dynamic owner of Vancouver’s Cellar jazz club and the Cellar Live label that in just seven years has released over 30 recordings and garnered critical praise throughout North America, he has always deferred to others to lead when it comes to his own recording career—until now. And what a debut this is, with a well-known NYC-based organ trio backing Weeds on alto and tenor sax. Supported by Mike LeDonne (Hammond B3), Peter Bernstein (guitar), and Joe Farnsworth (drums), Cory Weeds joins a long tradition of great West Coast sax players producing stellar original bop- and blues-based material. These guys swing. Hell, they rock. It’s a keeper.

—Rick Gibbs

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