It’s nice to know that after 5 or 6 years of having to deal with under 10 people showing up on Fireworks nights that things have finally turned around and people have realized that big flashy lights in the sky really aren’t that big of a deal.  It was a great weekend at The Cellar with alto saxophonist CAM RYGA gracing the stage with a quartet featuring Toronto pianist MARK EISENMAN, bassist KEN LISTER and drummer BLAINE WIKJORD. It was a great night and everyone was having a good time. Right before the set started in walked two of the world’s finest pianists RENEE ROSNES and BILL CHARLAP and Rene’s son Dylan.  Check out the picture!  I can only imagine how Eisenman and the whole band felt for that matter!  I thought it was very cool that they came down and hung out for  a set.  The band had nothing to worry about, they sounded killing. It was a fun way to celebrate my mom’s birthday with my sister in town from Toronto!   Gangs of New York psp

Krull dvdrip


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