What a beautiful weekend of music with Thomas Marriott and Hadley Caliman.  Listening to Hadley you could instantly tell you were hearing the real deal!  Definitely shades of Joe Henderson, Benny Golson for sure but a really unique sound that is all his own.  He is also one of the sweetest cats I have ever met.  He came up with his wife Linda. As the got more comfortable with me and the club he started telling some great stories about the old days.  He is definitely one of the guys that deserves some more recognition. Pehaps its his humble nature that prevented that from happening. Who knows but in any event it was a great weekend.  Thomas Marriott who I have been waxing poetic about for the last few weeks impressed as well. This guy is such a solid trumpet player. He has so much stuff under his fingers and you could hear that he has really studied all the trumpeters and could easily switch between playing more modern and then kicking it into the bebop gear seamlessly.  As I knew they would guitarist DAVE SIKULA, organist CHRIS GESTRIN and drummer MORGAN CHILDS played beautifully, especially on the second night.  You could tell that everyone was a bit more comfortable with each other.

Im always a bit afraid that when I introduce new musicians to Vancouver audiences that the crowds might be a little light but I was very very wrong and it makes me so happy that these guys’ first experience at The Cellar was a memorable one. The club was packed on both nights with very enthusiastic crowds.  People were really getting off on what was going on and it was great to see. 

The Signal rip


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