Fantastic gig in Montreal last night at Upstairs. The band was awesome: Vanessa Rodriguez on b3 organ, Mike Rud on guitar and Hans Ver Hoven on drums.  Upstairs is a great little club that seats about 80 people. Unfortunately they were a tad short of that last night but hopefully tonight will be better.  Vanessa is a wonderful organist and you can really tell that she has spent some time with Dr. Lonnie Smith. The influence is obvious but not over bearing.  She is forging her own sound on the instrument.  Mike Rud as always tore the roof of the place. That guy can play so fast and when he’s doing it, it doesn’t look like he making any effort at all! We play mostly my tunes but Vanessa threw in a couple of hers.  TASTE’S LIKE BURNING ( a Simpson’s reference) is a super fast tune based on the changes to BERNIE’S TUNE and ONE EYED MONSTOR is a medium tempo boogaloo. Both fantastic tunes that are a lot of fun to play on.

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Say Anything… move

I met Joel Giberovitch, the owner of Upstairs who is a good guy but the first thing he said to me (same thing all other club owners say) was “how the hell do you get away from your club?). It always makes me feel guilty that I’m not at The Cellar.  The staff at Upstairs are fantastic.  I met another gentleman named Claude Thibault who video taped a bit of the show and he puts the clips on YouTube.  He has a great website

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Orgazmo movie download with hundreds of clips of live shows.  There should be a clip of some of the music from last night later today.  Just type in Cory Weeds and it should come up. You might have to wade through a bunch of marijuana references but I guess thats to be expected with a name like Weeds.

The picture you see below if of myself and Len Dobbin. Len is somewhat of an institution in Montreal.  First off I was flattered that he came to our gig in the first place. He is a great guy and is basically a walking encylopdia of jazz music. He has a radio show on CKUT 90.3 called DOBBIN’S DEN .  He writes for The Mirror, he does his own column called Dobbin’s Den that can be viewed here.  His main gig that he absolutely loves is researcher for the Dorothee Berryman Show on Radio Canada.  He is a participant in the Downbeat Critics Poll and is working on a book called Jazz Recollections.  You get the picture. He is and has been very very involved in Jazz in Montreal.  Most of all however he is a great guy. Oh yeah, he also has a series at Upstairs called Len Dobbin Presents.  It was great to meet him and chat with him.

The last picture is of myself, Mike Rud and Paul Rushka.  Paul is a friend from Vancouver and a great bass player. He moved to Montreal in September to do his Master Degree at McGill University. It was great to see him.

Today, I have a lunch date with Katie Malloch from CBC’s TONIC. She has been very very supportive of everything to do with The Cellar over the years and I thought since I’m in Montreal why not call her up and say hello.


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