Upstairs Night 2

Another great night at the Upstairs and it was totally packed which is always a nice thing.  Band sounded even better than the first night.  It was great to see some Montreal musicians come down and show their support: Christine Jensen, Joel Miller, Kevin Dean and a few others that I didn’t get to talk to or meet.  It was a bit nerve racking having them in the audience but they were very supportive which is cool.  A lady came up to me and said “excuse me are you Cory Weeds?” to which I replied “yes.” She said “oh my god, you own The Cellar, I go there all the time when I’m in Vancouver.”  It was kind of cool. Got a chance to go to CBC Radio Canada downtown. What a massive building. I had lunch with Katie Malloch (host of Tonic) and Robert Rowat, Katie’s producer.  They had some really incredible things to say about Cellar Live etc. which was great.

It was up early today (5:15 AM) to take a cab to the train station. As I write this Im about an hour outside of Toronto.  Im tired but I will survive. I have a clinic today at The University of Toronto and then I’m going to sleep my butt off!


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