The Rex


Night one at the hallowed hall known as The Rex. What a band!  Bassist Pat Collins, pianist Mark Eisenmann and drummer Joel Haynes. A guy could not ask for a better trio of musicians. Absolutely smoking!  The Rex was pretty full but being at one of the busiest intersections in Canada its not wonder its always busy.  It was a bit noisy but it didn’t bother me too much.  I was flattered, not to mention scared shitless that a bunch of musicians showed up!  Guitartist Nathan Hiltz, saxophonists Chris Gale, Kelly Jefferson and Jeff King, trombonist William Carn, vocalists Maureen Kennedy and Fern Lindzon and a few others.  WOW!  I mean Gale, King and Jefferson are three of Toronto’s if not Canada’s finest saxophonists. That’s gotta make a guy a bit nervous!  The support was appreciated and it was great to have friends and family present.  I will post some pictures tomorrow night after the show!

Behind the Wall dvdrip Passengers move

Once Upon a Time in Mexico divx

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