Mohawk and The Rex

What a great couple of nights but last night the band really hit their stride.  I can’t think of a more fun rhythm section to play with. They sounded absolutely fantastic.  It was another who’s who of jazz that showed up which again was so flattering but also a bit nerve racking. Guitarist Ted Quinlan, drummer Sly Juhas, saxophonists Scott Marshall and Pete Mills, vocalist Shannon Butcher….I’m sure I’m missing someone.  Other special guest included my sister and her partner Michelle, a friend of my sisters named Glenn who hooked me up with a bunch of Blue Jays gear, Ashante Infantry from The Toronto Star.  Photographer Greg King download rush hour 2 movie was there to and took some great pictures including the one you see below. The club was packed and people seemed to really enjoy what was going on  A little less noisy which was great. I managed to get a few digs in about the Toronto Maple Leafs without getting beat up!  Perhaps the funniest thing that happened was a guy named Dave introducing himself to me saying that several years ago I threw him out of The Cellar.  I was a little taken back by this and inquired further.  He was very cool about it and admitted that he knew we had a policy and that him and his friend weren’t following it. He said I grabbed their dinner, put it in a doggy bag and politely asked him and his friend to leave which they did.  It was quite funny. I apologized and he told me not to, we had chuckle and that was the end of it.  Earlier in the day we had a clinic at the college in Hamilton called Mohawk.

At The Rex

The Fly psp

download dark city They have  a great music program there Pat Collins, Dave McMurdo and Darcy Hepner to name a few teach at.  Unlike the U of Toronto clinic the band played but most of the questions were centered around business. Actually come to think of it all the questions were business releated.  It was very successful and I received a lot of great compliments on the information that the kids got and received some nice emails from some of the faculty that were at the clinic.  The best part of the clinic was driving to and from Hamilton with Mark Eisenmann.  Man this guy is full of great stories and just an awesome guy to be around. We had a ‘groove’ as they say in Toronto. A groove!  So just when I think I can relax and have fun I realize that my gig tonight with George Evans includes Mark again Steve friggin Wallace and Archie friggin Alleyne!  Man!  There is no resting!


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