Something About This Time Of Year

What is it about this time of year where all hell breaks loose?  Isn’t there any way to maybe spread it around a little?  Well, Im not complaining really. I thrive on being busy but somtimes its a little much. After returning home from my little tour back east I had a few days to recover and get things together before heading out to Seattle for my gig with THE JOE DORIA TRIO at THE BALLARD JAZZ WALK on Thursday, November 20th before having to drive home that night to get 3 hours sleep before driving to Kamloops for a TV show to promo the Cellar Live gig that night.  First, the Ballard Jazz Walk. What an amazing concept this is.  One day every year in this very cool part of Seattle called Ballard jazz takes over! There are about 14 venues in short walking distance from one another that feature jazz.

In front of every venue is the gorgeous banner that you see me standing beside. Its a very very cool concept and kudos to Matt Jorgensen and John Bishop of Origin Arts for making this and many other things in Seattle happen. I was really excited to be part of such a great event. I have to mention the great band that I played with.  Organist JOE DORIA, guitarist CHRIS SPENCER and drummer BYRON VANNOY were wonderful. They play my tunes almost perfectly and were a huge pleasure to deal with.  Joe travels around with his B3 carting in and out of every gig. I’m gonna stop complaining about how much bigger the tenor is than the alto after watching this guy. The other very cool thing about this gig was that JIM WILKE was there to record the sets for play on his radio show. It will air this Sunday, December 7th at 1:00 on NW Jazz.

I was honored to have him recording this band when there were so many other great things to choose from including Hadley Caliman and Tom Marriott right next door!

The picture on the right was taken by Jim Levitt.  A nice picture considering that the only light in the whole place was from the neon beer signs just above us! Thanks Jim!

After the gig ended I had to make the long, long trek back home. It was long only because it was midnight and I knew that I had to get up at 7:00 to head up to Kamloops.  Melody Diachun, Doug Stephenson and I has to be at Kamloops TV to peform a couple of songs on live on air to promote the evening show.  This show was co-produced by Cellar Live and Entertainment Management in Kamloop (Ray Nyuli). We had about 140 people out which wasn’t quite enough but I was pleased with the turnout. The response from people was fatnastic.  The bill was MELODY DIACHUN EQ and THE PJ PERRY QUINTET


It was hard to get good pictures in the church with my camera because the lighting was quite bad in there.  Both bands played their butts off and it was a great concert of differing musical styles that I think was quite successful.

I got to spend a little time with my wife’s family including her crazy nieces!  Four of them! Its like a hurricane when the four of them are together but its great to see them running around having a good time.

Here they all are below; Sydney, Gillian, Hannah and Addision.  Look cute don’t they?  This was during one of the few calm moments of the evening.  Hannah gets em all wound up and its like a hurricane as I said.

From Kamloops it was back home to a bunch of little corporate gigs before presenting our second CROSS BORDER JAZZ concert with pianist TARDO HAMMER and saxophonst GRANT STEWART along with JODI PROZNICK on bass and JESSE CAHILL on drums. It was 3 nights of really exhilerating nights of music played by the cream of the crop from New York and Vancouver respectively.  It was great to hear Tardo’s style of piano playing which was very reminiscent of the likes of Elmo Hope and Bud Powell. Its not a style that you here very much these days and it was very refreshing. Grant comes from the Sonny Rollins school and executes it perfectly but has his own sound and own ideas that make it really exciting to listen to.  There were a lot of fun to deal with as well.  Watch for their names because ou will be hearing more from them for sure!


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