Today was a fantastic day!  I was recording with  the TILDEN WEBB TRIO including JODI PROZNICK bass, JESSE CAHILL drums and of course TILDEN WEBB piano.  We ended up having a great weekend. Friday didn’t feel so great and as I always do I started questioning anything and everything.  On Saturday however I managed to really pay attention to my attitude, remind myself that this was supposed to be fun and took some advice from a pep talk that my buddy Steve K gave me and the gig was a huge success. The music really came together on the bandstand. Despite rushing home right after the gig and going to bed, the time change as well as Noah’s early wake up call didn’t do much for getting a good sleep but I suppose I was as rested as I could be.  We recorded at my friend Norah’s house. Fantastic view, beautiful New York Steinway and just a great vibe all together.  Trumpeter Chris Davis was at the controls recording us and did a great job.  I knew the day was going to be good from note one and we it really was. We had a great time and great music (in my humble opinion) was made and I came away from the session with a feeling I haven’t had very often after a recording date…SATISFACTIONS. Okay….that’s an exaggeration, I have actually for the most part felt satisfied and excited with my other sessions but for some reason this one caused me to have a little lift in my step. It was  a fun day. What can I say? Making music with great friends and great musicians at a great friends house. What more could I ask for?  Oh yeah and lunch was supplied by Jazz Cats Catering and it was so yummy!

A great day!


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