It’s been a good week for receiving records this week. I will try to find to time to give these records a bit longer and more thorough review but for now I can just say that I’m enjoying each and every one of them a ton!

I got my hands on this one last weekend when Mike was at the club with Ted Warren and Rich Brown.  This is septet date that features some really fantastic writing and of course writing by Mr. Murley.  The whole band sounds fantastic and I’d like to give special mention to the fine trombone work of TERRY PROMANE!! Some beautiful trombone playing. Great cover to!

MIKE MURLEY – STILL ROLLIN’, Cornerstone Records

I have never really checked a lot of The Yellowjackets out. I don’t listen to a lot of that kind of jazz but I have always been a fan of the saxophone playing of Bob Mintzer so I thought I’d throw this one in the player while I was driving and have really been enjoying it a lot. It’s a bit mellower than I thought it would be but I really dig the writing and the playing by everyone is fantastic.  I always love it when I’m pleasantly surprised.  YELLOWJACKETS – TIMELINE, Mack Avenue Records.

Not much to say about this one….other than how can it bad with that band?  So swinging!  Two of my favorite tenor players in friendly competition.  GRANT STEWART and ERIC ALEXANDER sound absolutely wonderful and it doesn’t hurt that they are anchored by one of THE finest rhythm sections today: DAVID HAZELTINE piano, JOHN WEBBER bass and JOE FARNSWORTH drums.  Their rendition of George Coleman’s Amsterdam After Dark is phenomenal.

REEDS and DEEDS – TENOR TIME, Criss Cross Jazz

Another wonderful release by trumpeter BRIAN LYNCH once again exploring his latin side.  I’m far from an expert on latin music but there is something about the way Lynch plays it and writes it that I absolutely love.  Sonically the CD is amazing and really brings it to life. I love the way the percussion is mixed.  It’s not over-bearing but very present!

BRIAN LYNCH – CON CLAVE VOL. 2 – Criss Cross Jazz



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