Well, the NEW YORK WITH WEEDS TOUR is underway.  It began with a check in at YVR on Friday night 9:00 PM and other than taking off an hour late due to the plane being overbooked and Cathay Pacific having to bribe people to get off, the four and a half hour flight was pretty easy. Noah slept the whole way and continued to sleep while we got our luggage etc.  As I write this he and Alana are sleeping so for that reason alone the trip was a success. Myself however, well I didn’t get a wink and am running on fumes. I’m feeling pretty anxious about things and my try to lay down later for a bit of shut eye but we’ll see. The HOTEL 3030 is apretty cool little hotel. There have definitely been some issues but all in all things have gone well so far and our room is fantastic. I don’t suspect we’ll be spending a lot of time in it but it’s a great room!

First up for the tour is a visit to the famed VILLAGE VANGUARD for a set by trumpeter TERRELL STAFFORD and his quintet to celebrate the release of their new CD!

Can’t wait!



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