If the tour ended today it would be worth it!  The Terrell Stafford Quintet at The Village Vanguard was absolutely some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard made live!  BRUCE BARTH on piano was so classy and so swinging, PETER WASHINGTON on bass is really unbelievable, DANA HALL on drums was the highlight of the night.  So intense and so swinging without being over powering or loud, TIM WARFIELD on tenor and soprano sax and TERRELL STAFFORD on trumpet. The set list was made of all Billy Strayhorn tunes arranged by Barth.  1. Upper Manhattan Medical Group, 2. Multicolored Blue, 3. Little Brown Book 4. Daydream ( a wonderful duo with Barth and Stafford) and the set ended with a magnificent arrangement of Johnny Come Lately. I was so great to be piled in the tiny Vanguard and be in the front table. I had never had that pleasure before.

This was jazz at the highest level and THE SWING! MY GOD DID THEY SWING!

I met Stanley Crouch the renowned jazz critic as well as trumpeter Joe Magnarelli and tenor saxophonist Ralph Lalama.

It was an adventure getting 32 people there on the subway but we all made it safe and sound and it was a great way to start off the tour!

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