Well the tour has officially come to an end.  I knew nothing would go terribly wrong but I had no idea everything would so absolutely right. What an amazing 7 days and I can officially say without question that if people keep signing up then New York With Weeds will be a yearly excursion!

The last two days were a bit of a blur. On Friday we headed to THE JAZZ RECORD center with a crew of about 10 people.  As we have done everywhere we have gone we left a path of financial destruction there and Fred Cohen was very happy. I got some stuff that I’m very excited about that I will save for further blogging!  It was then off to Dizzy’s where we were treated to a great trio performance by The Bill Charlap Trio.  They sounded fantastic in the smaller confines of Dizzy’s than at theatres that I have heard them before. Great tune selection and we got to hear Peter Washington and Kenny Washington stretch out a bit. From there a group of 10 of us went up to Smoke and were treated to a great set of music by pianist ORRIN EVANS, JOEL FRAHM tenor sax, EDDIE HENDERSON trumpet, BEN WOLFE bass and DONALD EDWARDS drums. The biggest great was Dr. Eddie Henderson. He sounded beautiful.  From there we headed uptown even farther, back up to Harlem to Showman’s Lounge for the great Seleno Clark and the Harlem Groove band.  We got home at around 4:30 AM. OUCH!!!!

Yesterday was our las activity, an afternoon performance by THE MIKE DIRUBBO QUARTET featuring DAVID BRYANT piano, DEZRON DOUGLAS bass, JOE STRASSER drums and Rubes on alto sax.  The food was fantastic and the band sounded great. It was a great way to end the tour.  I was touched when the group presented me with the sign from the American Legion that they put of for our welcome. All the tour participants signed it and they are gonna frame it for me. A very nice touch.

A few of us headed out to Brooklyn to Matt Tonney’s Bar to check out Ian Hendrickson-Smith and it was worth the train ride out there and the crazy bus ride home due to power outages in the subway!

This was so much fun. I can’t believe it!

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