You don’t have to agree or like the direction that the good Dr. has taken his trio but you cannot deny the fact that Lonnie puts his heart and soul into everything he does and he does his ‘thing’ with conviction whatever that ‘thing’ may be.  The last two nights have been interesting to say the least.  It’s often hard for me to put my biases aside but that being said this new direction is not my cup of tea but there were moments that were pretty special for sure.  I enjoyed Night 2 much much more than Night 1 and that may have had to do with ME being less tired on Night 2 who knows…………………….ahhhhhhhh and just as I write this he’s doing one of my favorite tunes..Pilgrammage.  Beautiful!

For whatever reason the band seemed a little more dialed in tonight and the whole night seemed a bit more focussed to me!  One thing for sure, the crowd tonight absolutely loved it and ate it up completely!  The crowd last night as definitely more apprehensive about it last night.  I think Lonnie is still trying to figure out exactly where he wants his trio to go and develop into. Guitarist Jonathan Kriesberg played some really amazing stuff as did drummer Jamire Williams.



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