Hey all, long time no post!

I have been fighting really bad pain in my left arm due to tendonitis and it was been a bit of a struggle. Hence the lack of posting!  I’ve been feeling kid of down about it.  Having said that I have been taking some steps that seem to be helping so hopefully I’m on the mend!

It was a great weekend at The Cellar. A bit stressful for Pat and Ralph travel and immigration wise but at least we had the pleasure of hearing Ralph Peterson for one night! Jesse Cahill stepped in last night and did a fantastic job!  Bill Coon on guitar sounded amazing and Pat Bianchi is one bad freaking organ player! I think Jesse Cahill will be posting some video so please check out his blog.

I recorded both night and will put up a little taste when I get around to it, in the meantime here are some pictures!

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4 thoughts on “LONG TIME NO POST

  1. Sorry to hear about the tendonitis, I know how bloody painful it can be. Hope it repairs soon.

    • Hey Mike, nice to hear from you. I have been appreciating all of the files you have been sending me! Are we gonna see you this year for jazz fest?

  2. Cory,

    I too have wrestled with tendonitis. Something that helped me a lot is a gyro-ball. They are about $20 at any good sport store. Also there is more info online. Best of luck…

    Ron Peters

  3. Glad you find them interesting. I’ll have one by Kyle Eastwood shortly.

    Yes, Glenn and myself will be at the Cellar in June/July. Be interesting to see who you’ve got booked.

    Hope your problem doesn’t impede your playing to badly.

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