I had a very weird thing happen to me this week. I have really been into Benny Green lately. His new album SOURCE on the Jazz Legacy label which I received in the mail has been on repeat for  the better part of the last week. It really is a phenomenal CD.  There is a Sonny Clark tune that they do called BLUE MINOR.  Great tune! When I listened to it the first time I just about drove off the road because the song was eerily familiar to a tune that I wrote called THE BIG H which will come out on my next record.   I have only one other recollection of hearing BLUE MINOR and that is on a Cellar Live release by the UPTOWN QUINTET – LIVE FROM NEW YORK.  I like the tune a lot but have never played it and to my knowledge had only heard it on the aforementioned record!  It obviously stayed with me because THE BIG H is  pretty damn close!

But hang on it get’s weirder.  After listening to SOURCE I went back through my collection to check out a some Benny Green recordings that he did with Ray Brown. Most notably DON’T GET SASSY with Ray and Jeff Hamilton. This is a record that I listened to a ton in the early 90’s. I absolutely loved it! Up until this past week I hadn’t listened to it for at least 10 years.  4 years ago I did my first date as a leader on Cellar Live, BIG WEEDS and I recorded a simple composition of mine called NO BULL!

I was listening to DON’T GET SASSY at home the other day and on came KELLY’S BLUES and once again my NO BULL tune sounds eerily familiar!  It’s amazing how some things can stick in your brain and come out in weird ways!

CLICK HERE to hear the medley of the melodies together!


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