It was a massive pleasure to be in the studio for 2 days last weekend with 5 wonderful musicians. I was producing a recording session for Regina born drummer Jonathan McCaslin.  This quintet featured BRAD TURNER trumpet, PHIL DWYER tenor saxophone, JODI PROZNICK bass and TILDEN WEBB piano.  We did the recording over 2 days and the first day was an absolute breeze with the second being a bit more arduous but we made it through with flying colors and the result is going to be a fantastic record.  All the material was penned by Jonathan and all the tunes are really cool.   I think its even more intimidating being a producer with a group of musicians like that than it is playing in band with them.  I think all in all I did a decent job of keeping the sessions on track, making some minor suggestions for tweaks etc. and keeping everyone focussed.  It so crazy to watch BRAD TURNER no only play amazing trumpet but also engineer the session at the same time.  I’m not quite sure how he does it!

Hamming it up in the studio!


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