NOOOOO not Marsalis!  I speak of Sir Wynton Kelly.  I cannot get enough of this record!  I picked it up a few week’s at AUDIOPILE on Commercial Drive a few weeks back and its a freaking DOOZY!!!  If you read my blog regularly you know I’ve been into the piano trio format of late and this is one of the best!  It’s the classic trio of Kelly, Paul Chambers or Sam Jones on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums.  COME RAIN OR COME SHINE  is the 1st tune on Side A and it is just ripping and the other highlight is on side 2 with Kelly’s JOE’S AVENUE which is actually SCOTCH & WATER as played by Cannonball Adderly.  If Gavin Walker reads this particular post I’m sure he’ll tell me which tune name came first!  A fantastic album.

I have been posting a bunch of my pictures here on this blog and I’m slowly starting to get the hang of my SLR….it’s slow but I’m getting it. Here are a few pics that I took that are non jazz related that are kind of cool.

Light painting. Another cool technique I learned.

There is a name for this technique but I can't remember what it is. Kinda cool though! This was actually on purpose.


One thought on “WYNTON!

  1. About the tune: it was actually Joe Zawinul’s tune and when Kelly recorded this on this album he was asked by the producer what the name of the tune was and Kelly said it was Joe Zawinul’s but the producer misunderstood Wynton and thought he said Joe’s Avenue and that’s why it’s attributed to Kelly on the record. Kelly recorded the tune with Nat Adderley on Nat’s date called “Naturally” on Jazzland on the same day and it was correctly credited to Joe Z. and called “Scotch and Water” then Cannonball recorded it on “Cannonball in New York” in January 1962 and again correctly called it “Scotch and Water”. The Kelly and the Nat record were done in July of 1961 so those versions were first. If you like piano trio records Cory, the best Wynton Kelly came out on also Vee-Jay and is called “Kelly at Midnight” and was done in April of 1960 with Paul Chambers and Philly Joe. That one is MEAN!!!!!!

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