I’m not quite sure how it happened but Mike Allen, Dave Robbins and I ended up meeting early at the club (5:00) to watch the Game 2 of the Canucks/Bruins series.  I made the decision that at 6:30 when we opened we would simply poll the people coming in how they felt about having the game on until the music started.  Not one person had any problem with it.  When we scored the tying goal the place erupted which was very cool.  The only drag is that it was 20 minutes to 8:00 (the scheduled time for the music to start) and I didn’t know what we should do if in fact the overtime was going on and the music was set to start.  There were definitely people in the crowd that I know for a fact could care less about hockey and would most likely not be thrilled that we were delaying the start of the music until the game ended!  So…I decided that at 8:00 I would get up and welcome everyone and let them know that at 8:15 we would turn off the TV regardless of where it was in overtime and get on with the evening. We would of course hear the thunderous stomps and applause coming from upstairs if we did in fact score.  Low and behold just as I was getting ready to make that announcement Mr. Burrows makes an unbelievable play and ends it!

Freaking wicked!!!!!


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