Had a very fun gig last night at the club.  It was not my best showing, musically, but I made up for it with wit and charm on the microphone.  It was a fun gig, I was just really tired and I figure I have a pretty good excuse.  TILDEN WEBB on piano, did two wonderful new arrangements for the band: a great old standard called Younger Than Springtime and a little unknown ditty by Michael Franks called Lady Wants To Know.  The latter is one of those tunes that sounds really easy but then you play the changes an its like ‘yowza, that’s tough’ especially after Tilden put his spin on it but it sounded very cool and once I get a chance to play it a few more times it will sound great.

It was great to see some very special guests in the audience last night: BUCKY PIZZARELLI who is ripping up the stage as I type this, another guitarist TED QUINLAN was here, saxophonist KELLY JEFFERSON, drummer MORGAN CHILDS and pianist AMANDA TOSOFF all came down to hang out which was nice to see!

There was a great vibe in the room and of course the trio of Tilden, Jodi Proznick and Jesse Cahill played their collective asses off!

This is the record that I heard 'Lady Wants To Know On.' It's a great album!


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