The joys of being a recording musician is you work so hard to produce a product and you send it out to the media in hopes of getting great reviews and selling tons of records because of them. I sometimes forget that it can work the opposite from time to time. Now, I have to say I have been very very lucky in my career to not get ripped apart all that often. I can remember Ken Eisner from the Georgia Straight tearing a strip of my band Crash and it’s first release. He tore it apart from every angle, the music, the packaging, the sound…everything. I survived that attack and have gone on to be a part of many great recordings as a sideman and as of just recently my fourth as a leader.  Well, I got my first review from Peter Hum and although its disguised in many places as a good review, it’s actually not a good review for me at all.  Don’t get me wrong there are some nice things that are said about me but the overall scope of the review is not good.  Peter Hum has been good to me in the past with his reviews and I’m certainly not mad at him for giving my CD a mediocre to bad review…afterall…that’s the risk you take. I have to say though it burns me a bit. I didn’t think I would care or feel bad but I do a little bit.

Read for yourself here

In any event, I’m really proud of the record and I think it turned out fantastic and in the end that is really all that matters. Musicians always say something ‘I really don’t give a shit what critics think.’ etc. but the fact is we really do care what they think.  It’s part of the game.

Okay, I’m back to learning stock licks and being derivative because that’s what I do and I’m damn proud of it!



4 thoughts on “STINKY REVIEW

  1. Hey man you’ve joined the ranks of the greats. Jay Mac’s Capuchin Swing got 2 stars, Kenny Drew’s Undercurrent also got 2 as did Coltrane’s Live at the Village Vanguard (The album with Chasin’ The Trane), Brubeck’s Take Five got 2 and a half and so did Cannonball’s at The Jazz Workshop (The one with Dis here), Blakey’s The Big Beat got two and even Hank’s Roll Call got only 3 with all the praise going to Hubbard, Blakey and Kelly and oh yeah, Tina Brooks classic True Blue got 2 and a half! You’re now a legend! (2011 style).

  2. Well Corey, I can tell you that I live in the same city that Peter lives and writes in and last year I played and produced 2 cds- my own -“Testament” and “Lets call it a Day” with the singer Renee Yoxon … and neither got a review-good or bad – from Peter.Nada. I’m less concerned with my own effort, but Renee Yoxon is a really talented singer, and her disc got lots of airplay on the CBC and across Canada, and shes 23 years old and needs the pressbook to galvanize her career, but cant get a peep from the only local jazz writer in town…He came to the cd release concert with a free press pass, and then didnt write a word! Its discouraging when the only guy in town who could at least review your stuff passes- and is content to promote his own cd at every turn… at least
    you got some press, dude!

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