It’s hard to believe another year passed and here we are celebrating number eleven!!  I konw number ten was a big one but I figured we celebrated with so much style last year (One For All) why not make it a tradition. This year the Lewis Nash Quintet get the honor of helping The Cellar celebrate! If last night is any indication it’s gonna be one helluva weekend! Lewis and company blew the roof off the place last night especially in the second set! It takes a minute to get used to a room, a crowd, a vibe and the band got used to it dam quick and fired it up in the second set!  TIN TIN DEO a particular highlight.

I’ll keep the thank you’s short but it’s important for me to acknowledge the people that make The Cellar what it is.  Of course, the local musicians, every musician who has set foot on our stage is a part of the fabric that makes up this wonderfully rich and diverse scene. Your unwavering support is never under appreciated!  Special thanks to my good friends and frequent collaboraters Jesse Cahill, Ross Taggart & Chris  Gestrin.

The bums and by bums I mean bums in seats!  Without bums in seats we don’t exist and the support that we get on a nightly basis from our regulars, new jazz fans, casual jazz fans, well versed jazz fans is truly unbelievable and I appreciate it very much.  The staff….what can I say. I have the best staff in the whole world.  They are truly wonderful people who really understand what The Cellar is all about and I love them all.

There has been a lot of change at The Cellar especially in the last few weeks with a new kitchen staff and new menu and it has all been received very well. I’m really excited about the coming months. Here are just  some highlights of things you shouldn’t miss:

October 1/2 – Saxophonist Grant Stewart with Miles Black Trio

October 8/9 – Night Crawlers with Jim Byrnes

October 21/22 – Mike LeDonne Quartet

October 28/29 – James Danderfer Group

November 4/5 – Eric Alexander & Harold Mabern

November 25 to 27 – Gary Smulyan with Ray Drummond and Kenny Washington

December 3/4 – Jon Mayer & Roy McCurdy with André Lachance



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