I had a great job when I was in my first few years of college. I worked at A&B Sound downtown in the jazz department. It was awesome because we got to see all the CDs that were there and they cost to buy them was so cheap!  We got great deals.  All the staff had ‘hold’ piles and we’d get paid and..bang…just like that it would all end up back in the hands of A&B!  It’s how I built my music collection!

A funny story that I thought I would tell in light of the fact that it’s John Coltrane’s birthday.  I came to Coltrane a little bit late.  Bob Bell, the head of the jazz buying department there was a huge fan of his later period.  At that time I didn’t really know that Coltrane had ‘periods.’  He said I absolutely have to check out Interstellar Space.  I took his advice and bought it that day and got home as soon as I can to check out. About 30 seconds into the first track quickly realized that it would be a long time until I became a fan of John Coltrane’s ‘later’ period.  We had a return policy at A&B Sound which I took advantage of in this particular instance.  The next time I worked I brought it back, immediately went to the Trane section at the store and came across a compilation CD called The Gentle Side Of Coltrane.   I have grown up musically a bit since then but can honestly say that The Gentle Side Of John Coltrane is one of my favorite collections of John Coltrane music!


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