Road Blog #1 – BHAM IS HIP!

After a very annoying and long wait at the border we arrived in Bham at the illustrious Holiday Express at around 3:00.

The gig was at a fantastic little place called The Blue Horse Gallery right in downtown Bellingham.  Everything went smoothly at sound check but when we got back at around 6:45 to start the set the organ had been turned off. When we turned it back on there was a terrible terrible hum. A hum that really had the potential to make the gig unplayable.  After some tense moments, some anger and frustration we got it all mic’d up and it sounded great. By this time the club was pretty packed. I think we got about 70 people in all which on a Monday night in small town is pretty incredible.  The gig was fantastic.  Im really digging this music and its always changing and getting better. LeDonne is such a great musician and really doesn’t let the slightest little thing pass. If the thinks one little thing will make the overall tune or arrangement better you’re damn straight he’s gonna tell you to do it!  I love that!

It was a great hang after the gig, we went to The Temple Bar and had a panini and some beer before heading back to the hotel and more importantly Dons’ room for a night cap or ten!  We listened to some killing tunes, drank some  before heading back to our room for.  When we got up we went back downtown for breakfast we were walking around for no more than 2 minutes and at least six people came up to me and said “great show last night, we really loved it.”  One lady as sitting in a coffee shop with her husband and she said “wow, i was just telling my husband that you’re the best saxophone player I have ever heard and he’s like, c’mon really, that can’t be true.” It was classic!

In Seattle now just waiting for pickup at 5:00 to go to Tula’s for sound check. I think Jesse Cahill eluded to this in a blog post but whenever Don’s is in town my wallet is lighter!  All this great shit he hips me to and I gotta go out and buy it like immediately!



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