Road Blog: Seattle

Tula’s is a funny place.  It’s hard to explain. One thing is for sure is that it’s a Seattle institution.  Mack the owner was there to do our sound for us which was an experience to say the least.  I may have eluded to this in an earlier post but Mike is very very particular (in a good way) about the sound of the organ and it takes some patience by the sound person to power through and if they can then everyone wins because the organ sounds so good!  I love that about mic. The problem last night however was that the organ was not very good and the greatest sound man and sound system in the world couldn’t make it better!  We powered through though and the band is really sounding good and we’re slowly axing a few tunes and getting down to the nitty gritty in terms of what we’re going to record.  We should be really rocking by the time we hit Edmonton tomorrow.

The 'pull my finger' trick doesn't work with Dons! Just kidding.Happy Birthday Dons! Nice glasses!