Well we ended off in Calgary on Saturday night at The Beatniq.  The tour came full circle. After packing The Cellar in Vancouver, and The Blue Horse in Belingham, we had some very small (but appreciative) audiences in both Seattle and Edmonton. When we hit the Beatniq there was a palpable buzz in the air regarding the show and the Calgary peeps came out in full support. About 80 people which was fantastic!  Oliver and Mike got up early the next day and Jesse and I had to drive back to Edmonton to return the rental car and get our flight home!

The tour was awesome and I can’t think Mike, Jesse and Oliver enough for being saints on the road!  Good times!

On a sad note my friend Gale Jones from Puget Sound Organ Service passed away unexpectedly on Saturday night.  Gale was a fantastic guy and new a ton about the organ. He had his shop for 50 years. I sent him an email on Friday to ask about an organ part and he got right back to me. I followed up with him today only to find out he was gone.  Very sad!




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