I’ve been pretty lucky over the years to find myself in some pretty ‘heavy’ situations, musically. A lot of it has been circumstance more than anything. I suppose I have to ACTUALLY take the bull by the horns and act but it’s been pretty easy. What the hell am I talking about? I’m talking about my recordings. Big Weeds was with Peter Bernstein, Mike LeDonne and Joe Farnsworth. Everything’s Coming Up Weeds was with Jim Rotondi, Ross Taggart, John Webber and Willie Jones and Many Deeds…was with Joey Defrancesco and Byron Landham. My latest recording Just Like That is perhaps the most special because it hasn’t had the ‘star’ power to rely on. Don’t get me wrong The Tilden Webb Trio are all stars but on the international scene this record lacks the big names. The record is just 4 people writing and playing good music together , having fun and swinging. The great news is that the radio peeps have recognized that and despite not having a big name on it, the record is still doing really well. #15 on next weeks JazzWeek Charts. it’s been on the charts for 5 weeks and counting.

Very exciting. If you’re in town come and celebrate with us this weekend at The Cellar. Ginna be good times!


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