Well, after a fight / fued with an internationally known jazz drummer and and having to escort 2 drunk, disorderly and direspectful 40+ year olds last night from the I’m wondering what other conflicts could possibly come up.  I think I have had my fill of conflict and confrontation for the month.  It’s the Christmas season and although with that can come some stress. I really plan on enjoying myself.

Last night pianist JON MAYER and drummer ROY MCCURDY took the stage at the club with local bassist ANDRE LACHANCE and it was a night (other than the disorderly’s) to remember.  Jon is really fanastic musician and has ‘that’ piano thing.  Check out his website to read more about what he has done and who he has played with. Its really amazing. Great guy to!

Roy McCurdy really needs know introduction. He left his hometown of Rochester New York at a young age to join Benny Golson and Art Farmer’s Jazztet and then most famously was a member of  The Cannonball Adderly Quintet and most of Cannonball’s famous funkier records. He is about 75 years old and doesn’t look a day over 50!  Andre played great as he always does.

I’m hoping to have some pictures at least from tonight and hopefully some video.




  1. Don’t tell me that the internationlly known Jazz drummer and his boyfriend showed up and caused a drunken scene! Obviously they were in the wrong club.

  2. Dear Cory,
    Many thanks for a great evening listening to the Jon Mayer group. I first heard Roy McCurdy in 1957 when I was a 7th grader in Fairbanks, Alaska. He was there because he was stationed in Alaska in the Air Force. I always hoped to
    catch up with him again, and thanks to you I was able to.
    Keep up the excellent club.
    Yours truly,
    Stuart Isto
    Powell River, BC

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