I always have grand plans to do a BIG year in review for The Cellar but never seem to get around to it or I lose interest half way through so I’m gonna list a few memorable events that occured in 2011!  This is by no means a complete list of shows that I was impressed by rather a smattering of shows that had a lasting impression on me:

January 14/15 – Night Crawlers with The Big Band Sound, love this band!

January 21/22 – Gary Smulyan  & Joe Magnarelli with The Tilden Webb Trio

February 18 to 20 – Brad Turner Quartet Live Recording

February 25/26 – Adam Thomas and The Night Crawlers Tribute To Ray Charles

May 20/21 – PJ Perry/Kevin Dean Quintet

June 10/11 – Cory Weeds Quintet – New Soil, Tribute To Jackie McLean

July 1/2 – Bucky PIzzarelli Trio

July 15 to 17 – Mike Allen Quartet ‘A Love Supreme’

July 26/27 – Ugetsu play Thelonious Monk

Sept 15 to 18 – Lewis Nash Quintet Live Recording

Oct 1/2 – Grant Stewart & The Miles Black Trio

Oct 7/8 – Night Crawlers with guest Jim Byrnes

Oct 21/22 – Mike LeDonne Quartet

Nov 4/5 – Eric Alexander / Harold Mabern Quartet

Nov 25 to 27 – Gary Smulyan Trio

Dec 2/3 – Jon Mayer & Roy McCurdy

Dec 16/17 – Adam Thomas Sextet plays Kind Of Blue

Again just a small sample of some of the memorable gigs at The Cellar this past year!


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