I’m not going to wax poetic about the year that was and the year that may be. There were some huge victories and some colossal losses all of which add up to this thing called life.  I have my family, my health and really in the end that’s all that matters. I know many people close to me who have had tough years and to you I say ‘I love you, and it will get better.’  A new year brings lots of new possibilities, opportunities also surprises so hang in there, be kind, caring and compassionate and seize every moment.

Some great things on the iPod this week: Brian Lynch’s Unsung Heroes project is wonderful on all levels. Special mention to the great Vincent Herring on alto saxophone. So beautiful! He has THAT sound and is so rooted in the tradition yet he’s playing some super modern shit. I love it! Also the young Alex Hoffman on tenor saxophone sound beautiful. I think he’s only like 21 years old. Sounds much older than that when he plays and that’s a compliment!  Lynch as usual sounds great as does the rest of the band. Its worth checking out.



This album I came across by fluke but with this band how could you go wrong. Great playing , great writing and arranging. It’s always mind boggling to hear how Seamus negotiates the upper register of the tenor saxophone with so much ease!




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