What an amazing 9 days in Toronto. I inevitably find myself comparing scenes when I travel. The problem is that it’s unfair in almost all cases to compare any scene to Vancouver’s for a few reasons: a) Vancouver comparatively is a tiny city to the likes of Toronto and b) Vancouver is much younger. Although T.O. doesn’t have a ‘Cellar’ type venue there is a ton of stuff going on and then you have all the outlying areas. I’m very perplexed that there is not a ‘Cellar’ type vibe that can make it here. The Rex is bringing the more contemporary peeps from NYC like Oz Noy, Ben Monder etc and then you have some big ticket events happening at the Royal Conservatory but there are no places bringing the kinds of people I bring in like Bernstein, Herring, Benny Green, LeDonne, Smulyan, Mabern etc etc. There are upwards of 6 million people here with at least 3 music schools in the area so there at lots if people to draw from. There is a full time jazz station here and although musicians have alot of opinions about it , it still serves a great purpose in creating awareness.

I’m not complaining about Vancouver. I love the musicians, I love the club and all that happens there. Just expressing my thoughts.



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