I was reading Peter Hum’s Blog today (always a great read) and he was commenting on the Juno Nominations.  Here is his quote:

“I’m surprised to see no CDs from the Vancouver-based Cellar Live label. Surely Cellar Live’s Cory Weeds would have submitted such discs as Kevin Dean’s A Message From the Dean and his own Just Like That, which is being warmly received by jazz radio DJs, for Juno consideration. (If my memory serves, for a disc to be in the running to be in the running, someone has to pay $100 — or something like that.) Last year, the Cellar Live CD Next Exit, from Toronto saxophonist Kelly Jefferson, was in the running for a Juno, so I’d guess that Cellar Live’s releases were snubbed.”

Well, were weren’t snubbed by the Juno’s this year. The fact is we didn’t submit anything.  It reminds me when people say “I don’t know how you do it all Cory!” or “when do you find time to sleep?”  Well I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of pros to doing all the things that I do, however,  there are some problems as well. I just can’t do everything, I can’t remember everything and some things fall between the cracks. Its the way it is when you’re raising two kids, running a jazz club, label, musical career etc. Some stuff just gets missed.

Best of luck to all the nominated artists.

If I’m not mistaken most of our releases our still eligible for next year’s awards so we’ll submit then.


5 thoughts on “JUNO SNUB!

  1. I feel you Cory. Someone asked me how I do it all and I answered…I don’t. Something always gets left out or someone is disappointed. As long as it’s not my family being disappointed on a regular basis, I’m very comfortable with this reality! Onward. Next year!

  2. Hey Cory. I also feel you…I was really bummed ’cause I had these 2 big tours this fall, and then I realized the DAY AFTER the deadline that I had missed it. But, you can’t do everything, and there’s always next year! Sorry I missed you while you were in TO. I was in NYC for a couple of days, and then scrambling to catch up. Hopefully we can hang next time you’re here (and when I’m in Van in April!)

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