God its amazing how fast the time goes.  I had a great weekend last weekend playing music with 3 people whom I love.  Jennifer Scott, Rene Worst, Dave Robbins and I had the great pleasure of playing 4 nights in a row. Most recently I have been playing Jenn’s latin book (which I love) but these gigs were more just straight ahead jazz which I loved. Jenn is a fantastic artist for sure!

I had the unfortunate task of attending a funeral for a 35 year old girlfriend of my wife’s. It kinda puts things into perspective a little bit and it hard to come up with words to say to express any kind of emotion about it.  I guess because there aren’t any. It was really sad and I have been thinking a lot about it this week. It’s forcing me to remember the GOOD things in life and focus on the positive things and not to ‘sweat the small stuff.’

A fun couple of weeks lie ahead in the jazz world!  A gig tonight at the CBC with The Night Crawlers and guest Jim Byrnes, then 2 nights of THE BENNY GREEN TRIO followed by the NIGHT CRAWLERS at the club on Tuesday, my quartet at the Kiwanis Jazz Festival on Friday, then 2 nights of PETER BERNSTEIN at The Cellar, then a private house concert with PETER BERNSTEIN and TILDEN WEBB on Sunday the 26th (I have tickets left if anyone is interested), then supervising a session with tenor saxophonist STEVE KALDESTAD and his group with PETER BERNSTEIN on the 27th and then that evening BENNY GOLSON graces the Cellar stage. Holy crap!  Oh yeah, then March 2nd and 3rd my main man Vincent Herring comes to town!



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