I haven’t come down from the high of having Benny Green and his trio at the club last weekend and I’m already ramped up again for Peter Bernstein this weekend and Benny Golson on Monday. Sheesh!  What a crazy couple of weeks!  For those of you that were in the ‘know’ about my issue with Kenny Washington, well the second I saw him at the airport he apologized.  We didn’t spend a whole lot of time talking about it. He apologized and that was enough for me. Issue dead!

The music was beyond inspiring. It was great to hear Benny playing some original music but still in the vein of what has made him so successful all these years.  Peter and Kenny Washington have something very special with one another and it made for great music all around (thanks for the picture Vince).

For about 2 years now I have been jokingly talking about writing my memoirs. Seems kinda silly seeing as I’m only 38 years old but the main reason its funny is I have always thought “who the hell would wanna read about my life?”  As I have been thinking about it and talking with friends I suppose after 12 years in the jazz club business I have amassed some pretty funny stories and if I don’t get them recorded somehow, they will be forgotten and that would be a shame. So am I publishing my memoirs? No, I’m not but I am spending some time each week with a glass of wine and a tape recorder and telling stories of the past 12 years. There are some good ones!



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