I just received word that saxophonist extraordinaire RED HOLLOWAY has passed away.  I heard that he was having some issues but hadn’t heard much since and today I woke up to an email that he had passed away.  I have had some fun with RED over the years.  His first appearance at the club was with JOE POOLE on drums, TONY FOSTER on piano and maybe RUSS BOTTEN on bass and what sticks out the most about that performance was his rendition of OLD FOLKS played on the penny whistle!  After that date Red and I started chatting about him coming up and being a guest with the Night Crawlers.  A few years ago he did just that. We did a weekend at the club, a hugely successful Roundhouse gig for Jazz Fest and then went into the studio to do an album.  The album would never come to be for various different reasons, one of which was that the hard drive that it was recorded on was destroyed. The only surviving take is of Good News and the only place you can get that is on the Night Crawlers digital download card. Red is in fine form.

Red was a great man and hands down the loudest saxophone player I have ever heard.  Loud in a good way. His sound could fill a room and knock you right over.  I feel honored to have had the chance to share the stage with him. Check out THIS INTERVIEW that we did at COOP Radio with him and Jesse and I.


One thought on “RIP Red

  1. Extremely sorry to hear it. I remember hearing and chatting to him at the club last summer. I reminisced with him about hearing him with Clark Terry at the Nice Grande Parade du Jazz many years ago.

    R.I.P red.n

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