I’m shocked it all came and went so fast and I can’t even say that it’s gone because this week my man VINCENT HERRING comes to town and I’m very excited!  What a crazy few weeks!  Sheila Jordan followed by The Benny Green Trio, followed by Peter Bernstein with Tilden Webb’s Trio followed by The Benny Golson Quartet

Benny Golson hanging with Steve Kaldestad and Peter Bernstein

When these shows all came together in this short period of time, well, I’m not going to lie, I was really stressed out but the jazz fans came out in masses and it was perhaps the most successful 2 weeks stint in Cellar history.

Benny G was in fine form telling his stories and being his regular eloquent and verbose self. What a gentleman and for an 84 year old he still blowing his ass off! I will post a short video in the next day or so when I  get a minute to process it.

The hightlight for me over the past weeks is easily Peter Bernstein’s appearance at the club.  This guys is the most unbelievable guitarist and musician and is a one of the most gracious people I have ever had the pleasure of hanging out with.  He doesn’t even get close to the recognition he deserves which is so sad.  He is one of the few guitarists that uses NO effects, pedals, wah’s, gahs and hurrah’s and there are few if any guitarists that can get a sound like that and play with that much musical depth yet, critics sill pigeon hole him as ‘straight ahead’ or ‘derivative.’  To those people that feel that way, all I can say is GOT GET YOUR EARS CHECKED!

I grew up listening and loving him and this time at the club it was really special because he was playing with three of my closest friends.  Tilden, Jodi and Jesse sounded so beautiful.  We will be making the sets available via download and I will post a few teasers here in the coming days.

It was awesome to see so many musicians at the club over the past two weeks. Really wonderful. Let’s keep it up!

Memoir Update: spoke into a tape recorded (iPhone) for the first time and told tales about Fathead Newman, Dr Lonnie Smith and Frank Morgan


2 thoughts on “WHIRLWIND

  1. This is an important and pivotal time for live music of high quality and you and The Cellar have proven that people, musicians and lay listeners will come out to hear people like Benny Green, Benny Golson and Peter Bernstein and well as our local treasures. Hats off to you Cory and a big thank you for enriching our lives with real music. Looking forward to Mr. Herring!

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